Monday, May 25, 2009

Friends, friends, friends

It is not through wealth and possessions that we are rich, it is through true friends, friends who just know by your hello, that you are down, friends, who just at the right time send an sms to lift your spirits, friends who just help when there is a problem , friends who will meet you for coffee when you need to vent, the love of friends will carry you long after, your worldly possessions are rusted and thrown on the rubbish dumb. Some friends are there for a life time, some friends, to help you through a certain situation, some friends to chat to when you have children doing the same activity, but then there are those special friends, who stand by you no matter what, who could blackmail you if they shared your secrets, but for who you would lay down your life as they would in return, thank you to those people who are already in my life and to those who are still to come into my life. Never desert your friends, for anyone because one day, some time, some place, some where when everyone else has left you behind, you are going to need that friend. THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE SPECIAL PEOPLE IN MY LIFE

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