Monday, May 11, 2009

Training and i have to change again

For the next two days i have training, after over twenty years in credit control my company now decides that we need to learn how to speak to our customers. I am not sure what their perception is of how we do our jobs, but they obvious have not looked at out debtor days and over 90 days in the past 20 years , which incidently are one of the best in the group.
So here i am again the universe is putting me in a place where i have to change.
I can no longer say "may i help you" i must say "can i help you" ?? I can no longer put the phone down on someone who has no manners and is using abusive language, i have to give him three warnings, "Sir i am going to put the phone down if you are rude" then " Sir i cannot continue to listen to such bad language" and finally " Sir i am now putting down the phone"................ Why are people always trying to make something that is simple into something that is so complicated, i am convinced it is because there friends have training companies and they want to give them business.
After two full days of training i am going to receive a certificate and 3 points, 3 whole points towards a qualification, the minimum points required for any qualification is 120, at this rate i will be 100 before i qualify.....................
This change is really becoming all encompassing, first my marraige now, my job at ALMOST
50 is there anything that i am doing right................

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